About Us


Thank-you for visiting TwinUnitMobileHomes.co.uk. We manufacture large mobile and park homes often called double wide or twin size caravans. Due to the size of these structures we can both construct them in our factory or for hard to access plots we can assemble the homes onsite.

We have two workshop locations in the South-West, Devon and Midlands, Coventry. For sale U.K nationwide. We make modular transportable sections or the prefabricated timber frame units. There are either delivered as panels for assembly and finishing onsite or made from modular units which can be pre-finished in the workshop/factory.

Each of our homes are made to order. From 2-3 bedrooms up to 5-6 rooms for accommodation units. The maximum size a park homes or mobile home can be is 65 x 22 Feet or 20 x 6.7 Meters. The exact layout and design of each home is made in accordance to your site and personal requirements. There is a large selections of finished and fixtures to choose from representing a variety of costs and prices.

Many people ask if you need planning permission to put a mobile home in the garden. The answer is you do not, but the plot must be your direct garden and the home must be used in conjunction with the main house. For other locations like farm land and paddocks, you don’t require planning permission if you just want to use the structure in association with the existing use of the land, but if you want to live in the unit on a full time basis, you will require approval. In all cased we ask that you contact the planning authorities and received a letter or approval or a certificate of lawful development. Please visit our planning pages for more details.

Please just sketch out a floor plan design or layout and we will happily provide a price.